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Machina said:
Signalstar said:
Random Access Memories
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Led Zeppelin IV
Third Eye Blind
Hot Fuss
To Pimp a Butterfly
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The Wall

Didn't have you down as a Pumpkins fan!


My top 10:

1. Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
2. A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms
3. Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase
4. ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
5. Nine Inch Nails - Still
Cher - It's a Man's World
David Bowie - Outside
Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
Goldfrapp - Supernature
blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Honourable mentions:
Smashing Pumpkins - Machina (for the longest time my favourite album, and the origin of my forum name, it's slipped down my list over time)
Bjork - Greatest Hits (Bjork's best songs are spread over several of her earlier albums and the greatest hits collection does a good job of compiling most (but far from all) of them in one place. The albums themselves are often 50/50 affairs (50% shit, 50% great), so struggle to justify a position in my top 10)
Kate Bush - The Whole Story (similar story to Bjork - this was Kate Bush's 1980s compilation album and draws a bunch of her best songs together. It would be in the top 10 but I don't think Greatest Hits should really count)
Goldfrapp - Silver Eye (I was tempted to put it in my top 10 but it's such a recent release that I need to give it more time to see if it has staying power for me)

Well now you know.

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