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As some of you may know, I'm Australian. Here we have gun control measures in place. This means that you can buy a gun but the type of firearm you can buy and how it is stored is restricted. You also need to be licensed. We have no right to bear arms in our constitution. So that's the perspective I'm coming from. I agree with US Conservatives on almost all points except for guns.

I have noticed that since Donald Trump even suggested putting gun control on the table as a possibility, the second amendment people have flipped out. 

My question is this: If the US government made it more difficult to buy semi-automatic rifles, would that really make it any more difficult to rise up against a tyrannical US government? Let's be real here - if they're coming for your guns, they're not sending in the local Sheriff to get shot. It's the most powerful military on earth coming to your suburb with everything at its disposal (tanks, jets and nuclear weapons).

You've probably already lost the ability to rise up against tyranny. Even if you haven't, a militia of 10-20 million shotgun, pistol and single shot action rifle toting men descending on Washington isn't going to be much less effective than if those same people had semi-automatic rifles.

I'm not emotionally invested in this issue either way, just confused really. If arming some teachers works - do that. If gun control works - do that. I think Americans should just be willing to do whatever works at this stage and I think that's they way Trump is approaching the issue. 

It's almost like there is a Church of the Second Amendment over there. Can someone explain this to me?