Tell the rest of the community the stuff you are watching on Netflix at the moment. And if something is really good just recommend it. This thread is really about what you are watching these days and not what you have seen before but it can be old shows, not necessarily shows that just came out

I'm currently watching 3 shows:

"Naruto" which I just felt like watching now that it's available on Netflix. It's a very long series so I watch it by chunks.

"Everything Sucks" Just began watching this show and so far I have only seen 2 episodes so it's too early for me to say it's good or bad. But so far I like it.

"The Frankenstein Chronicles" with famous actor Sean Bean. Now the atmosphere of this show sort of reminds me of another show called Penny Dreadful. Set in 19th century England. A detective is investigating a Frankenstein copycat of sorts whose hobby is to kill people, cut them in pieces and reassemble different pieces from different bodies into one and it gets really dark when you realize our madman kills children. There's only 6 episodes but it's really good IMO.

And recently I watched the "The Cloverfield Paradox".

I'll update this thread as I decide on watching other shows and who knows it could be shows someone here recommends.