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1. Dan Haseltine - His distinctive voice has no equal! Lead singer of Jars of Clay (favourite band ever) and his side project The Hawk In Paris. With Jars of Clay they have released some of the best albums of all time (self-titled debut, The Long Fall Back to Earth, Inland, among others). They constantly reinvent their sound for each album, so it is almost like listening to a different band each time. While this risk did indeed lose them their mainstream audience in the 90s, I love them more for it. He has released one solid album with The Hawk In Paris (for serious 80s synth pop lovers!), and a few solo singles.

2. Darren Hayes/Savage Garden - Do I need to introduce Savage Garden? His solo efforts are a mixed bag IMO, but his latest, Secret Codes and Battleships could have been SG's third album. Many great songs that take me back to my adolescent years. Great and unique voice too.

3. U2 - Everyone knows U2. I only really discovered them last year. I know, I know. I'm a little late to the party. This is the one band where I love almost all of their major singles. Most of the time I'm left wondering why a band chose a certain song to represent/promote their albums, but U2 seems to know what they are doing. Also, Ultraviolet (live) from the 360 tour is so addicting!

4. Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static - great rock voice. Both his main and side bands are fantastic and different from each other. Though some of their songs sound the same, when they release a good song, it's out of this world. Great for fans of Linkin Park. FM Static is a softer side project. He also does great collabs (see Manafest).

5. Paper Route - again, great distinct voice. Out of their 3 albums I can say that 2 are outstanding (Peace of Wild Things and Real Emotion), never heard their first album, save for the single "Carousel" which is great! Their song "Chariots" was featured on Fifa 17 or 16, I can't remember, so some of you may have heard them without knowing it!