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John2290 said:
Many overdoses of drugs I'm not sure how I survived but physically and most apparently, I was crossed the road one night drunk in a bit of a sprint when my mate jerked me forward and I got slapped in the ass taking the wing mirror of a car going at least 60 or 70 miles an hour. The driver ended up crashing into a roundabout almost flipping the car but he too was okay and the car managed to be near undamaged. I'd a sore pelvic bone for a couple of weeks but I'd reckon I was inches from death or at the very least a lifelong injury/couple months in hospital.

Thx for sharing. I actually almost died last fall, after one of my best friends had died of a drug enduced heart attack. It made me so sad to bury him, I took everything I could myself, without caring for food and hydration. Almost killed me...and probably the reason I’m here now. Didn’t take anything since. Thanks to everybody who saved me that day! I owe you my life!