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SKMBlake said:
So, they sold arround 90 000 in january and february

If that's correct, that would mean around 910k end of the year. The article mentions 460k sold in November and December alone, so 450k sold March through October. And there where over 110k for the launch as  broke the Record of the Wii back then iirc.

In other words, Switch didn't only have one hell of a holiday season there, but sales are also up compared to before the holiday season

Edit: It also means Switch is overtracked in France before November, as it should be at 450k but it's at 630k the last week of October.

kirby007 said:

Expected is a keyword tho

Paper doesnt mention that million as sold if not mistaken

In it's opener, it says "Le Million pour la Nintendo Switch", which means A Million (sales) for the Nintendo Switch

vivster said:
Is that good?

Comparing with the post above yours, it looks like not only it was faster than in the PS4's case, but the latter also needed almost it's full second holiday season to reach it.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 26 February 2018