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GribbleGrunger said:
hunter_alien said:

I agree with you, don't get me wrong, but this particular case is nothing new and the only reason it was brought up, is simply bceause people like to hate on Konami. So it gets a bit boring.

People like to hate on Konami? This is paying for save files for goodness sake. Got another example of something lower than this? Do you see what you did there though? You more or less said complaining about companies that do this is 'boring'. ANOTHER reason this is getting worse. 

This is fairly subjective, but for me something like pre-order bonuses pisses me off more than this. Or forced ghost-data implementation, even if it is free.

I know, I do sound hyupocritical, but I am doing it with a clean concious because in the same time I do vote with my wallet and I would never buy into something like this. Normalization like this is happening no matter that you me or Jim Sterling are yelling on forums. The only power we have is the power of our cash. And by constantly pointing out to people what "they are doing wrong" wont make your voice more valuable. This is a psychological fact, nothing more nothing less.

And considering howe much crap we tend to swallow from companies we consider to be good/great, I do not like to single out Konami, especially when they are obviously bowing out from the AAA space with a quick cashgrab and we wont have to put up with them anymore. Lets face it, this is pretty much a deathkneel for the franchise.

So just to summerize this post: I agree with your sentiment but I doubt that being vocal about it on forums will help us out in the longrun.

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