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A studio for new ips and other for Xenoblade? because the new monolith project looks very promising to me, let's see what they are planning in the future...

Monolith Soft currently has two studios. Its main branch in Tokyo primarily works on entirely new titles, such as the Xenoblade series. There’s also a studio in Kyoto that tends to help with development on Nintendo titles with a focus on basic art and graphical details, which mainly houses designers as its staff.

In a new interview published on Monolith Soft’s website, the company’s Yasuyuki Honne was asked about the Kyoto studio possibly bringing in other staffers like programmers and planners. Honne acknowledged this, as they hope that the team will be able to create original games of their own one day.

Here’s the full excerpt:

Do you have any thoughts about placing programmers and planners at the Kyoto studio, just like Tokyo?

That’s right. Of course, we do hope for the Kyoto studio to also develop original titles someday.

Does that mean they want to create titles on their own?

Yes, of course. This is still just talk about the future though. We’re more or less thinking about making an organizational structure that can still function [and won’t impede work activity] no matter what happens.

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