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vivster said:
SegataSanshiro said:

Sony and MS didn't want to fund Bayo 2. Nintendo needed some 3rd party exclusives for Wii U, knowing it would not sell in the millions but hoping it would help rid of the Nintendo is just for casuals rep Wii built. (Also why they funded the failed Devil's Third and even published Ninja Gaiden III on Wii U) . Now that Bayonetta appeared in 4 games on Wii U, Bayo 1, Bayo 2, Wonderful 101 and Smash. This time Nintendo just wanted more Bayo. Someone at Nintendo likes the series and Platinum began making games on Nintendo systems with MadWorld, Infinite space (and Wonderful 101 and Scalebound began as Wii games) Platinum likes working with Nintendo and Nintendo likes working with them. Not a difficult concept to understand.



OTBWY said:

They wanted a big exclusive title for the WiiU. From a third party company. That's the only explanation.

I don't need an explanation why Nintendo wanted it, that's self apparent. The question is why Platinum needed it so badly that it couldn't have been done with any other publisher or at a later date. "They like Nintendo" doesn't seem to be a sufficient explanation since he just explained that they're basically willing to do business with anyone who has money.

It seems Nintendo was just a convenient way to get quick money and so they were fine with compromising on their vision and throwing their fanbase under the bus. I just want to hear that from his mouth. Making a game exclusive to a specific platform is never the best option for any game.

In Bold what a fucking pile of shit comment.


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