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Paatar said:

Here's my personal wishlist for the Switch. Including the reasons.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory - Would be smart of Bandai to get this on the Switch while there's no Pokemon. Would probably entice a lot of people.

Witcher 3 - I mean... please? It could run on the Switch with some work done to it I think. More open world on a handheld would be great.

Overwatch - This one is kind of obvious I think. It would be nice if this came out when the Switch online releases.

Okami HD - The fact they skipped Switch with this is just plain stupid to me.

Dynasty Warriors 9 - Koei says they want to put more titles on the Switch. Then put this on it! Japan would especially love it. Full fledged Dynasty Warriors on the go? Hell yeah.

Metal Gear Series (Survive, Phantom Pain?) - With the success of Bomberman R, I think Konami needs to expand its other franchises on to the system, starting with Metal Gear. Especially if they get back in talks with Nintendo about adding Snake back into Smash.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Again, another title I think would be a perfect fit for the Switch. Would definitely sell more on it than the XB1 version anyway.

The Surge (and/or The Surge 2) - The more darksouls type games the merrier. This is more of a want than need though.

Code Vein - Okay, anime style, UE4 dark souls/Monster Hunter? Count me in. This needs to be on the system.

God Eater 3 - This was announced but no platforms were. I would actually be shocked if they decided against a Switch version, considering this series is pretty popular on the Vita in Japan, and God Eater 3 is using UE4. Don't abandon the handheld market there.

BioMutant - Again, another obvious one that should happen.

Darksiders 3 - I honestly thought this would have been one of the first AAA titles to be revealed for the Switch, considering Nordic games support for the Wii U. (they put Legend of Kay and Darksiders Warmastered on the Wii U during its death) So once they actually became THQNordic I was surprised this wasn't announced for it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - This is perfect for the Nintendo fanbase. + Handheld lol

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age - Who wouldn't want this?

Final Fantasy 15 - Would be great to have this, open world JRPG.

Final Fantasy 7 - With Cloud's intro into Smash Bros, I almost think Nintendo had to have told Square that it was a requirement to put FF7 on the Switch if they want Cloud in Smash. But who knows.

Naruto Shinobi Striker - I think all anime games should be on the Switch. This is the same reasoning for FighterZ and One Piece.
Dragon Ball FighterZ
One Piece: World Seeker

Fortnite - For obvious reasons. Maybe they will launch this with the online service?

ELEX - The company will benefit a lot I think. It could do better numbers on the Switch and I definitely think it would be worth the port. Lets hope that rating of it is real.

Aragami - Again, I think the company would benefit and it could get more traction on the Switch. It's an incredible game, and I really hope the rating from Spain of the Director's Cut is real. 

Final Fantasy XV? Even ps4/xbox 1 struggled when run it, maybe port Pocket Version to Switch