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CrazyGamer2017 said:
mutantsushi said:

Except... you're wrong. Countries do use offsets <1 hour, although 1/2 hour seems to be smallest common division. 
(Iran, India, Myanmar, Canada, Australia are just some with 1/2 hour offsets. NZ and Australia have 1/4 hour offset regions)

Except I was talking about minutes not half hours or even quarters of hours...

But that said, I wouldn't want to live in those quarter hours countries, I mean when they say on TV that the news will start live at 7PM you don't know if it's 7PM, 7:15PM or 7:30PM.

And quarter hours differences mean small times zones. If you need such a small difference, you don't need huge spaces like in the US or in Russia. So someone that needs to move important distances east and west, well I just wouldn't want to be such a person in regard to time.

Sure thing, I just felt obligated to correct facts when you wrote "which is why time is rounded up to the hour, everywhere.".
The 1/4 hour offsets definitely are obscure and I was unaware of them until I checked before posting. 

There is also approach of no time zones at all, just one global time and people can set schedules as they see fit.
Which would encourage people to be aware of seasons more, rather than prioritize arbitrary/inaccurate DST/timezones.

I remember travelling in Guatemala where locals refused to follow Daylight Savings Time, while the national bus companies followed the official policy, which I was glad to discover at last minute otherwise I would have missed my bus . Of course, I sympathized with locals because the policy is ineffective (re: claims of saving energy, etc) even in it's "origin" (high latitude countries), never mind tropical Guatemala with little seasonal light variation. 

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 10 February 2018