Oh wow, I can't believe I'll be saying this but I may have to get rid of my PS4 pro, err....no wait! Not get rid of it, just basically give up playing games on it and go back to playing the PS3 lol which is in my bedroom.

Basically, my gf is jealous of me playing the PS4. 

Here's the deal:

We recently moved in to a 2-bedroom apartment. Been living together now already for 9 months. We decided to go 2 bedroom so if we decide to want our alone time occasionally we can have our own room still. Which is cool. So yeah, I basically have the PS3 in my room hooked to a small tv and my stereo for music listening, etc. We have a pretty cool setup. The PS4 is in the living room hooked up to the 4K 55' tv.

Anyway, it seems my gf who was SO opposed to the PS4 at first isn't so opposed anymore. In fact, it's basically HER PS4 now lol. She cannot get off YOUTUBE and watching all her girly shit on there. So much so, well...I basically don't use it. Well, I'll just be watching all HER stuff while we chill together. And when I even just bring up the fact I want to play something for just an hour even, she actually gets all irritated. I'm sure most people will know what I'm talking about here...like, she'll go with it but make you feel guilty for taking over.

I can't believe I'm writing this but I'd never even imagine something like this becoming an issue. I feel awkward even posting this but I have to know how others handle this kind of situation. Is it my gf??? Is it ME??? Are others dealing with similar issues?

I mean, I just got Shadow of the Colossus lol and I barely even touched it. She doesn't even care that games are a part of who I am. She doesn't get it at all. We recently had a big argument over this and well...maybe I should find another gf???


Any advice?