dx11332sega said:

When I first heard Microsoft was making a console I got angry because they were trying to compete with Dreamcast ,PS2, and Gamecube I wanted microsoft to go away real bad . I used to be more of a Sony fan moreso and I actually wanted Sony to win every gen since PS1 years . I think it either was 2005 or 2004 I enter after school gaming tournaments. In some class after school ended people brought Fighters or Shooting games depending what game was gonna be played that day and everyone payed 5 dollars or more If they think they were gonna win in that game winner gets the pot money . So one day people brought Halo Combat Evolved I still hated Microsoft but I never seen an xbox before I joined anyways played Halo multiplayer and loved it the multiplayer was funner than 007 goldeneye on n64 . I was hooked I bought an xbox in 2005 I think and played some games but I still hated Microsoft by the year 2010 I started to loosen my hatred then I played my brothers xbox 360 I loved It again I played halo 3 online I loved it from then on I started to love Microsoft more than Sony because of Halo series the years past and even though Halo 4 underperformed I'm still into Microsoft though I no longer play Halo 3 because I'm currently playing fighters and am more into online fighting specificly Tekken 7 Though I have proof of me playing Halo 3 my old gamertag is dx11332 though my new gamertag is dx11332sega and that one has me not playing much. Though I just got an Xbox One X and I'm unsure If I wanna play Halo 5 since I gotten worse in FPS . Right now I love all consoles and hopin It stays that way .

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