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Nice story I think, would be made slightly easier to read if you gifted it with a few

Should never really be too angry about any company joining in creating a new device for a hobby you have, it just means more choice and in most cases more competition, and competition drives the ones we currently enjoy to do more to keep onto their customers, so it's win / win for us.

I'm not very good with paragraphs ^^ but I'll try using enter more when I make something this big .


Though I make alot of mistakes in my grammar and I kinda use enter in small sentences I'll try to better my typing in the future ^^.

I didn't mean to sound like a jerk to you, it's cool to see people make threads on their feelings towards gaming on here and see if users agree/disagree with them. I normally do the breathing rule so if I'm stopping to take a breath as I would type or read a sentence, chuck in a line break and carry on.

As for the changing loyalties, even for the companies you used to love... that's a good thing for them in the long run, say I love the heck outta Nintendo from Snes>N64>GC but after buying the Wii it was clear to me they were going down a path which I didn't want to follow them on, when the WiiU came out I wanted to buy it as I have every Nintendo system... but I just couldn't give them my money and say I was okay with that platform, effectively voting with your wallet is the way to make the companies we love think about their actions and change to be more in line with what we want from them (hopefully).

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