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Flilix said:

I wasn't saying that each city should have its own time, that would be ridiculous. My point was, that our time is closer to the GMT than to the CET.

The sun rises at 5:30 AM in June, not 4:30. So that would become 3:30 AM in GMT and wintertime, which makes just as much sense as sunset at 8 PM.

I am a late sleeper and more often than not I have insomnia and I can tell you that at the end of June during the longest days of the year, the first light can be seen at around 4:30 AM with full day light at 5 AM so like I said if we move to GMT on top of using winter time all year round, the first light will be seen at around 2:30 AM with a full day light at 3 AM.

So If they moved to an all year round winter time I would be ok with it but GMT? I don't think it would be a good idea, in my opinion even if we are naturally closer to it than to CET.