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All you have to do is wait a few months, a bit more a bit less depending on games and prices almost always go down. The last thing you wanna do is play video games on day one of their releases.
Video games publishers count on the fact that people are way too impatient and they tap on people's need to play right now. When you see how some video games can be played when their download is not even fully made, you realize how extremely impatient people are.

As a rule I NEVER pay a game more than half the full price but often I pay even less than that. I usually wait for games to reach a third of their day one price. So for a AAA 60 euros game I never pay more than 30 but more often than not I wait for the game to get to around 20 euros and that's when I go for it.

So I cannot give you a title of a specific game because ALL my games are bargains.