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In some days, January NPD numbers will be out for subscribers, and we could hear something about Switch sales in January. We should get some estimates anyway, so i decided to make this thread.

Wii VS Switch sales during the second year. Now, this is a battle pretty hard for Switch... Wii 2008 remain the biggest year ever for a home console in the USA, and the second overall (The first is DS in 2009 with over 11 million sold).

That said, even if right now doesn't looks like Switch is gonna win (and to be honest i would say chance are close to impossible) for fun, i'll still do this comparation. There's Swicth (2018) sales VS Wii (2008) sales:

January 270,000 274,000
February 282,000 432,000
March 308,000 721,000
April 171,000 714,000
May 167,000 675,000
June 323,000 667,000
July 262,000 555,000
August 203,000 453,000
September 259,000 667,000
October 255,000 803,000
November   2,040,000
December   2,150,000
 Total   10,151,000
Last edited by Ryng - on 23 November 2018