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Used to think that girls were princesses and were free from evil, and wanted to solely be treated like royalty.
Used to think men and woman only ever did things for each other solely out of love and compassion.
Used to think people only cared about being helpful and wanted to work together to solely benefit everyone.
Used to think fruit juices like apple came from the tree and not the fruit itself, kind of like maple syrup.
Used to think that just one sip of an alcoholic drink got you instantly wasted, and more just maintained it.
Used to think that to really be a man you had to physically be strong, in great shape, and put work before life.
Used to think that any male that had a lisp or weak handshake meant they were gay no matter what.
Used to think that to be the absolute coolest person that you had to end up rich and famous and flaunt it.

The more important things took me way way too long to learn.