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Andol12 said:

I mean single editions. What's not to see? One edition of DBZF selling 6 million copies is more impressive than 5 editions (Super SFIV, Super SFIV Arcade Edition, Super SFIV 3D, Ultra SSFIV) of SFIV selling over 8 million when the main game is only around 3.5.

MKX sold 5 million with one edition. I'm not sure DBZF will do better than that but either way that's not fair since all the editions are the same game.

I'm aware. They're stand alone updates that mostly people who bought the original game are buying again with new characters, character differences, and different modes. SFIV itself is referred to as a series of games by Capcom and are counted separately. The most important thing to note is that a SFIV player can't play against someone playing Super SFIV or Ultra online.

Last edited by Andol12 - on 01 February 2018