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I watch Beyond the trailer (Grace Randolph) and she made some pretty good points that i thought of too. When you look at Illuminations numbers, they are huge globall around the world and are really good at publishing movies everywhere. Nintendo being a global company, that's a really good partership. Studios like pixar (which would have never worked btw since they have a theme park st Universal, wouldn't make any sense) have much more difficulties getting success outside the US. And Illuminate don't make terrible movies, its just that lately their franchises are more dumb and child oriented but hey lots of people like them since 2 of them made a billion dollar, which doesn't happen a lot with animation movies (i think only Frozen, DM3 and Minions did it maybe Dory and Toy Story 3 not sure.) So with Nintendo working on with them, we might end up with some interesting adventure with a global success. Here is the video:


Edit : Also, for a first movie from Nintendo  (yes the first idk what you're talking about), it is really important that they have some success to it and Illumination don't have many flops if any and their movies are never that horrible just dumb franchise (which again, they won't make one with Mario since the franchise is already established.). Cause if the movie flops, even if its amazingly good, its really bad news for the theme park and attracting people to buy a Switch. 


Anyways, let's wait for the first trailer before we freak out. Let's be happy Nintendo is willing to expand their horizons and port their franchises to the big screen again. A successful mario movie (which have all the reasons to be), will probably bring more movies and TV shows. Who doesn't want a Zelda or Metroid movie? METROID could be possible with the slow death of the Aliens franchise

Last edited by xMetroid - on 01 February 2018