DarthVolod said:
hunter_alien said:

Now this is a tricky comment. One, Venezuella is not a prime example of working socialism, that would be a country like Norway. Second, there were plenty of destabilizing factors directed by certain... ahem... political entities, against that country. The fact that the US wants to create yet another South Maerican puppet state is not a secret.

So the means of production are all state owned in Norway now? It is more accurate to say Norway is capitalist in economic terms, but they also heavily tax and provide a large welfare state ... not exactly pure socialism if you ask me; more a mixed social democracy concoction. 

Destabilizing factors ruined Venezuela? I know US relations with them have been crap for a long time but that is one hell of a reach to pin the blame on the US while ignoring the dictator and the whole state run economy society-destroying socialism they embraced. 

Really? I think its fairly well documented how many regime changin actions the US had and stil has on that continnt. I do not see how this is a "hell of a reach". I am not saying that Maduro's govenrment has no fault, far from it, but its also naive to not consider outside meddling in this sittuation.

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