Ka-pi96 said:
TalonMan said:

Switch to a static IP address?

There's not much else I can do about this - there's no way I'm going to lock out guests & lurkers from taking part in a front-page vote...  :(

Not sure exactly what you mean or how the results could be improved - as I just said, to Ka-pi, it has to be IP based if it's going to be a front-page item so I'm kind of limited as to what I can do...

heh, I can't really just switch to a static IP address... wouldn't even know how so I guess I'll just have to count as multiple people

As for what super etecoon said, he could mean something like having additional options eg. Nintendo fan - interested, non-Nintendo fan - not interested etc.

Exactly.  It's still subject to flaws with self reporting, but at least it gives people an opportunity be a bit more specific.  At this point in the poll knowing that PS4 and XBoxOne owners aren't going to buy Labo doesn't really help us guage the interest for the average Nintendo fan.  I can tell you're on the right page and I'm looking forward to future Polls of the Week.