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RolStoppable said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
BotW slaying TP by so much shows also how much more accepted by gamers the Switch is compared to the Wii back in the day imo

It doesn't.

All it shows is that Breath of the Wild does a much better job at meeting the market's expectations for Zelda. In BotW you have freedom from the get-go, in TP you went through a slow start and fetch quests.

If you make a superficial sales analysis like you did (a.k.a. cherry-picking), it can be easily argued that Wii was much more accepted by gamers than Switch, because Wii had million-selling third party games faster (obviously only refering to game types that fall into the category of "accepted by gamers" without a doubt).

May I ask you what games you are talking about?

Because as far as I know, it took the Wii over a year to get it's first third party million sellers, and Switch ain't that old yet