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Mnementh said:

Thanks for this compilation of data. I must admit, that numbers look better than I expected. Especially that L.A. Noire sold more than on Xbox and half of the PS4-number is a surprise to me. Remember VGC tracks physical and L.A. Noire needed a ridiculous download to play on Switch.

Anyways, your point stands: big third-party games mostly sell worse on Switch. We haven't seen much that started on equal conditions so far (same time of release and stuff like that), so it might be a bit better in the future. But we'll see.

Indies by the way can also produce a port much faster. Technical porting is no big problem, but in a big company resources must be allocated for this. Before the managers decide on that they probably meet ten times and discuss that. And then the allocated team must finish their previous project. At an indie this hirarchy is much smaller (if present at all).

The indie porting time is yet another thing I didn't think of. Very true.

Miyamotoo said:

You need to take in account huge difference in user base between Switch and XB1/PS4 when you talk about sales of those games. Obviously you didn't pay attention on Switch news, actually most 3rd partys (2K, Ubisoft, Namco Bandai, SQ, Capcom...) said they are satisfied with sales of their games on Switch and that they will announce more games for Switch, few days ago we had Nintendo France said that EA is very satisfied with Fifa sales and that they said they will bring more games, also few days ago Bandai Namco said that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Switch sold more than 500k already and that actually passed Steam numbers, so I wouldn't pay attention too much on VGChartz numbers. I am pretty sure that Bethesda this month when they have quarter results will also say they are satisfied about with sales, especially because Skyrim is actually best selling multiplatform game on Switch in US in 2017.

For the record, multiplatform Switch game dont need to sale same like on XB1/PS4 in order that 3rd party is satisfied with sales, hardly that any big party have expectations they will have similar numbers on Switch, but they can make quite profit even with lower sales, and all pointing that 3rd party games are selling good and much better on Switch than on few previous Nintendo platforms, for instance it seems that Fifa on Switch fastest selling Fifa compared to any other Nintendo platform (it even sold better in Japan than Fifa on PS4 despite huge difrence in instal base). And point is simple, games on Switch have extra value beacuse they offer full home console and full handheld play, for instance you can bet some people will buy Switch only to play games like Skyrim, Doom, Dark full handheld mode, and that wasnt case with any past platform, and thats why 3rd partys are now selling better on Switch compared to previous Nintendo platforms, and 3rd parties also seeing that.

I actually think that most 3rd parties decided to support Switch with much more games only last few months after they realized that Switch is seling great and that 3rd party games are selling good on it, and porting of course can take time, espacily developing brand new game. So we will have much more 3rd party announcements how time pass in any case.

I mentioned that it wasn't a completely fair comparison due to install base. I'll attest to forgetting about EA, Take Two, and Namco's comments on FIFA, 2K, and Dragon Ball. I'm also aware that games don't need to sell the same on Switch to be profitable. You wanted evidence that third parties don't generally sell as well, and I provided it to the best of my ability. I do think that major third party content will continue to come to the console and a faster pace now that publishers are sure it's successful and that it's specs are well known, I just believe that nobody should think that the Switch's third party content will match up against PS4/XB1, at least not third party multiplat support.

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