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The Switch Has Likely Outsold The Wii U In Just 10 Months

Nintendo predicted this would happen, and it seems likely it may be a reality; the Switch has almost certainly outsold the entire four year lifespan of the Wii U in its first year. In its first ten months, to be specific.

While Nintendo will not officially release this information for a little while yet, according to the Wall Street Journal, Ace Research Institute is projecting that the company sold 7 million Switches around the world in the October to December holiday window.

If that’s accurate, that would mean that the Switch sold 14.6 million units by year’s end after its March 2017 launch. That also means that yes, Nintendo has outsold the entire 2012-2016 run of the Wii U its very first year, as that console only moved 13.56 million units before it was discontinued.

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