The Switch’s third party support will eventually improve as time goes on and it continues to sell well. I don’t think most third parties and indies can no longer ignore something that’s selling this good and attracting mainly a demographic (teens and young adults) that will be attracted to their games. Plus the Switch appears to be less complicated to make games for than Wii U and supports most of the modern game engines (i.e., Unreal 4 and Unity). Time will tell.

Plus the Japanese developers will more likely make games for the Switch or do Switch/PS4, especially since the console is putting a stranglehold domestically despite the PS4 having a more established install base. I mean, Splatoon 2 is the first 2 million seller on home consoles since Wii Party back in 2010. Even Final Fantasy, Tekken, Street Fighter, Persona, and Dragon Quest, popular franchises in Japan, could not come close with their latest mainline installments on PS4. So even with Monster Hunter World coming soon, I think the Switch will continue to grind it out despite a rocky start this year due to shortages (on both hardware AND software).

All I want for now on the Switch is DBFZ and Soul Calibur VI. There appears to be demand for these games on Switch and I don’t think they appear to be too complicated for the Switch to handle, especially Soul since it’s running under Unreal 4, unless there are weird complications between PS4 and Switch running said engine.