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Not sure the point got across with my first post in this thread. So I'll say it more bluntly this time...

Switch is getting plenty of third party support. Outside of games that clearly can't run on the Switch, and greedy western devs (looking at you EA, Activision, WB) it's getting third party support from every major company.

Sega supports it with Sonic Mania, SMTV, and Puyo Puyo.
NIS supports it with Disgaea 5, Ys VIII, and many more.
Bethesda supports it with Skyrim, Wolfenstein, and Doom.
Namco Bandai supports it with DBZ Xenoverse 2.
SquareEnix supports it with Octopath, DQB, and DQ XI
Ubisoft supports it with Rayman Origins, and Mario X Rabbids
Capcom supports it with Monster Hunter XX, and USF2.