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It's mostly a western problem so far, and even some western publishers already support Switch decently.
Ubisoft has done Mario and Rabbids already as well as porting stuff and they will definetely bring more games to Switch.
Betesda is really showing support. Skyrim, Doom, Wolfenstein 2 and it looks like those pay out for Bethesda, so they'll bring more games to Switch.
Others show few to no support so far, like Take Two or Acrtivision. Partially their games have flopped though on Nintendo hardware within the last ten years and partially even if you do port stuff it takes time.

And yes, some games are to demanding for Switches Tegra SoC for sure, so there's a lot of stuff we'll never see.

But honestly, third party support and even western support for Nintendo hasn't been that good as it is right now for a very long time.