Flilix said:
This site just isn't the same anymore without Geralt.

Yeah I honestly wish they kept him. Yes he was an obvious troll but it was just so damn funny to see all the insane stuff he did. 


bonzobanana said:
Well my prediction in this thread wasn't very good basically stating I didn't feel it would sell hugely until cheaper and more portable but I did at least admit I was hopeless at predicting nintendo numbers what with never understanding the mass appeal of the wii etc. I also can't help focusing on Europe rather than worldwide as that is where I am based. The Nintendo consoles I bought soon after launch were N64, Gamecube and wii u and loved them all but they never did that well commercially. When I bought a wii I spent more time on it playing my gamecube games than wii games at least for the first 2 years anyway. Not bought a Switch but intend to later but that's really because I'm not much of a portable gamer and Mario Odyssey is the only game I really want currently.

I did predict the wii u would flop though even though I bought one at launch. Many who predicted Switch success also predicted wii u success and have a general positive attitude to Nintendo products.

I have not been surprised at how Japan has taken to the Switch at all but must admit the US reception is far more positive than I expected, I was expecting it to be more inline with Europe.

I mean, we're not always right. Your posts were always reasonable, but Nintendo ended up doing well. I suppose it was good to be wrong this time. Can't imagine what would happen if the Switch was a flop