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KLAMarine said:
RolStoppable said:
No, she looks more like a man.

Is she a Gary Stu?

mZuzek said:
So we not only can't stop talking about Star Wars, now we need to make a whole thread to have another pointless argument about something that clearly has only one answer.

We're really good at wasting time.

Aeolus451 said:
She definitely is. The character could have been better written and made sense within the SW universe, she would have been well received.

This latest trilogy seems f***ed. Kylo needs to kill Rey to ascend to ultimate darkness status or Rey needs to turn to the darkness.

That's the only way I can see this trilogy's current trajectory rectifying itself in an interesting way.

It's owned by disney. I wouldn't be surprised if one of their hallmark characters showed up to save the day.