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With the first week of 2018, Splatoon2 surpasses the 3ds sku of DQXI! There is a chance due to lack of numbers Splat2 outsold it in the final week of 2017 but we will use week 1 instead (unless we get mc top 100 of the year later)


DQ11 numbers for both ps4/3ds are the absolute max it could possibly be for each system. So splat2 jn reality is alot further than what is shown below (especially against ps4 sku)



Splat2 vs DQ11

Splatoon2: 1.883mil

DQ(ps4): 1.414mil
DQ(3ds): 1.814mil
DQ(Com): 3.228mil

Goal 1 Ps4: BEATEN! 470k+
Goal 2 3ds: BEATEN! 70k+
Goal 3 DQ: Left... 1.355mil



Will splat2 outsell dq11 in japan lifetime? Post and give your thoughts