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Howdy and welcome to 2017 Results thread for The Greatest Games Event! In the past two months over 50 of you came together to not only vote on your favourite games of all time but to discuss them among your peers. These results represent the wide variety of opinions we have on our forum and I was really happy to see these opinions being shared and discussed as a community. Again, I have to give a very special shoutout and thank you to Smeags who started off this event and hosted it for 6 years in a row. I am honored to carry the torch, these threads have always been one of my favourite parts of the forum.

This year I have received 65 lists, an increase over 50 from last year and in total there are 1077 unique games on the main list. I was happy to see more people signing up this year so this year's results thread will include ALL 1077 games in descending order to the top game. There are no publishers or platforms in the main list, just the date of release and the developers who made these games possible. I also include a platform breakdown which I have also greatly expanded upon this year, along with the top games by decade and the top games of each year going back to 1977. I have also cut down on the remasters in the platform breakdown so there should be more original games there, the top games by decade and top games of each year only includes original releases. There are no games on here released after October 31, 2017 and release dates go by initial date of release (whether it was PAL/NTSC or Japan).

I hope you guys enjoy this year's thread!


I highly recommend using these links to navigate the thread:

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