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Hello everyone, this is Blue speaking and welcome to the results thread of VGC's Greatest Game Event of 2016! In the past two months over 50 of you came together to not only vote on your favourite games of all time but to discuss them among your peers. These results represent the wide variety of opinions we have on our forum and I was really happy to see these opinions being shared and discussed as a community. Again, I have to give a very special shoutout and thank you to Smeags who started off this event and hosted it for 6 years in a row. I am honoured to carry the torch, these threads have always been one of my favourite parts of the forum.

Now for some gory details, in total I got over 50 lists with 900 games in total, ranging from simple Atari games to current generation triple A titles. This thread shows off the top 350 of those games and in the top 50 I will show off the amount of points each game received (lower is better) to show how close the final results were. You will also find in the top 350 the original year of release of every game and in the top 50, the developers who made all of these games possible.

I have also included a breakdown by system (Sega, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and PC) which has the top 10 games on each listed platform, the top 15 games per decade (1990s and after) and generation breakdown which also has the top 15 games (Generation IV and after). There are no games on here that were released after October 31, 2016 (sorry FF XV!) but there's always next year! A change I have made over last year's event is including remakes and remasters into the system breakdowns and I am not doing a breakdown by individual year for this event, however it may come back next year depending on demand.

Finally, a disclaimer, these results are by no means absolute. These are just the combined opinions of everyone that has participated in this year's event. I hope you guys had fun, here's to 2017 and here are your results!

Top 350 Games

More in Depth Breakdowns

Historical Results