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So i have seen many debates and arguments about the ps4 allready peaked in 2017.

But then again i heared that in 2015 and 2016.


Some dont seem to understand how ps4 can keep selling so much,just like some dont understand that about the switch.


So lets start what could happen this year that makes the ps4 actually peak.


Ps4 is officaly still 300,yes you can buy it cheaper a lot of  times, but not everywhere around the world all the time.

Yes ps4 had a pricecut to 199,99 for about a week?

Gues what happens when ps4 would get a permanent 199,99 pricepoint + sony advertizing it just like they did with ps3 being 299,95.


Then they bundle there biggest games for 250.

Ps4 pro price cut to 350 or even 300+ game.


Tbh i predict that alone is going to make the ps4 sells gigantic amounts.


Then about the games.

Monster hunter is going to be huge in japan( i  predict about 100-120k hardware and yes thats nothing compared to the switch but amazing for ps4 in japan)


God of war is going to be big.

Spiderman will be big.

Then we have a couple of smaller games like detroit and dreams/ shadow of the collosus.

+ a huge,noo gigantic amount of japanese and indies( dragon quest 11 plz!!)


Combine all those could be's and any rational thinker should understand ps4 could easily sell 20-24mill systeems that year.



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