Nautilus said:
Azzanation said:

No Blizzard 😔 was hoping to see a Daiblo port or a Hearthstone game and Heroes of the Storm release.

Isnt Havok owned by MS? Good to see it on Switch

Blizzard is accounted under the Activision umbrella, since they are one company now.

Unfortunately that's not exactly how Activision/Blizzard work. They are very much there own companies that are shared (Sort of) Blizzard would have announced there own brand name with the Switch not Activision if they were interested. They did with the PS4 and XB1 so why not here? 

Activision and Blizzard do there own things. Having Activisons name here only means you will get Activision Titles, really nothing to do with Blizzard games.

In saying all that, it doesn't mean Blizzard wont release games on the Switch it just means very unlikely for now. Times can change.

I hope they do release some of there gems on the Switch because its a great portable device where games like Hearthstone will do wonders on it.

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