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freebs2 said:
caffeinade said:

The Switch cannot play Portal or Half-Life 2.
I cannot stream games from my PC to the Switch.
I cannot stream video from a range of platforms on the Switch.

The Shield TV cannot play Super Mario Odyssey.

Off-topic - What if Switch will eventually be enabled to do such things? It would add a lot of value to the package for PC gamers.

What would Nintendo lose by doing so? I would be a very bold move but I wouldn't rule it out completely.

It depends.

If Nintendo started advertising the feature, then it would be a really big deal.
It would be sort of like extending an arm out to an untappable consumer base, from a console perspective.
By allowing and endorsing the use of the Switch as a companion device Nintendo gains access to a market who potentially would not otherwise buy their device.

Comparing the Switch to the Steam link or Nvidia's attempts is a bit flawed.
Nintendo is a very powerful brand name, and they have IP that are unmatched in the industry.
I could see many PC gamers picking up a Switch to play Odyssey, BotW and other such exclusives whilst also planing to use the device for streaming.
The Switch has a sort of gravity that Nvidia's devices lacked.
The Switch feels like it has a reason to exist; it is an item that could be purchased, with that purchase being justifiable.

As a streaming device, I cannot say it is well suited to the task.
The Joycon attach to the device a bit to loosely, the screen isn't the best and the battery life is pretty poor (though it may be much better whist streaming).
The Switch has support for decently high quality video encode / decode via hardware, so that is nice and should reduce battery drain a bit.

Overall, it is more of a 80/20 thing.
Most people won't use it, but those who do will love it, and will be a positive force for the Switch's ecosystem.
It would not take too much for Nintendo to allow PC streaming, so I say go for it.

Last edited by caffeinade - on 04 January 2018