SegataSanshiro said:
Normchacho said:

Nope. There are those of us who are interested in Nintendo games but aren't interested in their gimmicks.

You would be in the severe minority and not enough people to justify it just like Vita TV. Just because thousands of retro SEGA fans say they want a Dreamcast 2 doesn't mean overall there is enough real demand to make it happen. Your voice along with a few others in the minuscule percentage are irrelevant.  The idea is still stupid. So yep.  If you don't want to take it on the don't have to. You can leave it in the dock. Really hard I know. You were never going to buy one anyway.  Anytime people like you who toss the word Nintendo and gimmick in the same sentence and a few others show up demand they change this or that are people who never planned to buy anyway. You won't be missed as a noncustomer. It's not happening so get over it. It wouldn't be worth the effort for them and it seems the Switch is selling an alarming rate so it's pretty clear they don't need to change a thing.

Get me understand this, the idea it's stupid, but using the switch the way the idea describes it it's not stupid. OK. So i have to pay for a screen, battery,  detachable controllers, motion sensors and what not just for the option that I will never use... OK, that is not stupid at all...

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