wombat123 said:

A dockless Switch model would probably be a higher priority than a Vita TV-like variation. It would allow Nintendo to lower the price by 50-75 dollars without much hassle and those that want tv functionality later on could just buy a Switch dock.  At least in that scenario, the Switch model could still be called a 'Switch' since it would still have two modes of play while a tv-only Switch model would lose the entire purpose of the Switch's existence.

no, it would lose just part of the original idea, but why force people to buy a screen, battery and controllers if i don't want them?

if i buy it and i never take it out of the dock? am i using it wrong? am i not allowed to use it that way because it lose the entire purpose?

i work in my home, i leave my house 2 times per week and when i do is because i need to do something, it's not to go to a park and seat at a bench... the mobile part has zero interest for me. yes, i don't have a normal way of life but my gaming habits are considered normal, i like to seat down to play and i would like a option for me. 

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