Ka-pi96 said:
shikamaru317 said:

I assume you're referring to the recent change in the game database when you search for a game? You can still see the sales for the individual platforms, but the total for all platforms seems to be gone now. The total for each platform is above the first 10 weeks in the sales history table once you click on an individual platform for that game.

I think he means where you used to be able to click on "Global" "Japan" "USA" etc and see both the first 10 weeks of sales for that territory and a total for each year in that territory.

The new database is indeed a massive downgrade in terms of seeing the sales. I believe Talonman has said it's only temporary though, so hopefully we'll get all of that information back sooner or later.

Yes I was referring to this :) I really look after the sales of the gameso I always look at the "real totals" sales :P

I hope they add them again :P

Thanks for the help :)