Spindel said:
OK so stupid me for not doing this earlier.

I went to video settings and turned off Motion Blur and chromatic aberration and lo and behold the game becomes much less blurry when playing.

So this is the tip of the day.

On the topic of chromatic aberration. This is a really stupid effect that a lot of games nowdays put in for no reason.
Why do you want an unwanted effect from a camera lens in your game? This is like lens flare that plagued a lot of games in the late 90-ies.
In an FPS you are looking through the eyes of someone else, and my eyes shure as hell does not have nither of chromatic aberration nor lens flare.

Yeah chromatic aberration is fucking stupid and I too turned it off as soon as I started.

I actually prefer the motion blur left on though, as its a high quality solution and helps smooth over dips in the framerate.

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