We all have that moment in a game where it hits, you know you are in for an amazing ride. Sometimes it happens when you think you are getting to the end esp when the game tells you it is, only to find out, no it's just beginning.

What are some of your favorite moments when a game opens up?

As just a couple examples for me personally.

Grandia when you have spent hours exploring, grinding and going town to town, dungeon to dungeon. The game keeps talking about the edge of the world! Then you arrive at this wall that is insurmountable. You climb and climb, kill enemy after enemy for what feels like hours (it's not). Your party has to camp out on it a few times. Climbing this thing is a full-on trek in itself. Then after what seems like an eternity you reach the top and look out to the horizon and what do we see? Not the end, but a new beginning. The moment is so awesome accompanied by this music.

Xenoblade Chronicles. 2 Sequels later we are used to the massive scale of these games but that first time leaving what was already a big area of Colony 9 through a cave-like dungeon and as soon as you exit you get this wonderful image of the end goal. The Mechonis. You turn around and see  Bionis Leg of Gaur Plains. When you first see it almost feels overwhelming. It's just the first area and you can explore and discover for hours. The scale makes you feel small and insignificant despite the fact you hold the fate of the world literally in your hands.