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Bayonetta 1 was an incredible game, I prefferred it in many ways to Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2 does improve on a lot of things, but I feel the biggest problem is it sometimes easy to get uttterly destroyed by enemies because of the camera and how your obstructed from seeing exactly what your enemy is doing with so many particle effects. That aside, I wish Platinum the best with Bayo 3.

I bought a Wii U partly for Bayo 2; I won't be buying another console for a game that should have come out on Wii U. One game for one console is not good enough. Bayo 2 was a very good game though, so I hope Platinum find success with Bayo 3. However I will say that part of the reason I may have enjoyed Bayo 1 more is becuase the controller on the PS3 feels so much better for these types of games than the clunky Wii U controller.