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I'm exited for WipeOut in VR... so glad that I seem to be immune to VR motion sickness so far.

The Last Guardian VR is a great christmas present from Sony, even if it is a short experience.

Knockout League could be a fun experience, I don't have any VR boxing games yet. Although I would prefer a less cartoonish boxing game... please EA: Fight Night Round 8(th Gen) with full VR support!

VIrtual Rick-lity is hilarious, especially if you love the humor of the TV show. I have that game already for my Oculus Rif

Shooty Fruity and Jupiter & Mars... yeah, perhaps when they are on sale. I have enough similar games on my Rift, often dirty cheap in the monthly VR bundles ($4 for 10 - 12 VR games) on IndieGala.