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NightlyPoe said:
Platina said:

Don't think there will be more Warrior games from different franchises, only sequels to Zelda or FE

Hey, just imagine Pikachu raining lightening down on a horde of Butterfree flowing towards you while Vaporeon takes on a Charizard boss.  It might be the first Pokemon game I ever bought.

aikohualda said:
they want to sell 30 million of switch by the end of 2018?

they gotta have pokemon 8th gen (holiday 2018)...

2019 will be remake.

i know i am too ambitious

I'm sure Nintendo would love to have it out by the end of next year.  It's just so soon since the most recent game that it's a bit tough to believe that they would get it ready for its first home console release so quickly.

Basically, I had a choice between Metroid Prime and Pokemon making it out in 2018, figuring that Nintendo would want at least one of them out, and I thougth Metroid Prime was a lot more likely.

I was hoping that they would do a Pokemon x and y  or sun and moon kind of announcement...

x and y

january 13 announcement and oct 13 release....


sun and moon

feb 16 announcement and nov 16 release....


so they have 9 months between announcement and the actual release...



even if they announce on march 18 we could still see pokemon dec 18....


i have my hopes up :P