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Magnus said:

F*ck you Nintendo. Once again they are stealing games from the people who bought a Wii U.

Nope. Those games that were ported over to Switch are still available on the WiiU. They didn't just evaporate.

Magnus said:

Exactly, if you bought a Wii U, you were screwed. But you should be angry, not happy about it.

Why should someone be angry about a game obtaining more accessibility? What should Nintendo have done, e-mailed you first to find out if your personal feelings would be too hurt if they released this game for another console? Boo-hoo.

Magnus said:

That's not nearly enough to make up for the high price tag of the Wii U and the fact that they promised support for the damn thing and failed miserably. They should have waited at least another generation to port it, just like almost every other Wii U game.

No, the companies should do what is necessary to ensure their revenue streams flourish and if they believe their product can make money upon the release of their game then all the power to them. The more money they make the more games we get.