uran10 said:
GoOnKid said:

Min Min is cool, I like playing with her, although I don't use her mid-air kick at all. I can't play with Ninjara, he's too hectic for me.

Ninjara is easy as hell to play. Minmin is far more technical. Ninjara is simple, move a lot. Just move and attack when you have a chance. Or you can go for a rush down offensive ninjara and abuse teleport and movement speed to confuse and strike all while constantly attacking. He's seriously the easiest to play besides springman.

I don't know. All you've said is true yet still I barely win with him.  He's just not my type, I guess. On the flip side, I think it's easy to play against him because many players who use him heavily rely on throwing and it's easy to counter once figured out.

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