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Mnementh said:
Kerotan said:

All this generation we've listened to people act like Japan is irrelevant to Sony and the ps4. Saying this like Sony don't care and Japan isn't important . 


Well I checked the numbers and it looks like Japan is second only to the US.  It beats the UK and germany.  And this is despite launching later then these regions. Funny how these same people describe ps4 sales as amazing in the UK and germany. And they wouldn't dare call the UK/German market irrelevant and unimportant to Sony. 


PS4 Sales by country: 

#1 US 20m 

#2 Japan 5.4m 

#3 Germany 4.7m

#4 UK 4.3m

#5 France 3.7m


Let this kill the myth that Japan is not important to Sony and they'd not be bothered without it. They care a lot, I guarantee you that. 

Well, I never bought into the myth, that Japan is or becomes irrelevant for gaming. It isn't. PC and Xbox isn't doing too hot there, but for everything else Japan is the biggest or second-biggest market. I personally also think (and thought back then) that launching the PS4 later in Japan was wrong and hurting Sony.

and yet USA is 4 times as important as Japan for Sony and Europe (with a similar taste in gaming) is 5 times as important as Japan for Sony.

18.6% of PS1 sales came from Japan
14.7% of PS2 sales came from Japan
12% of PS3 sales came from Japan
8.3% of PS4 sales come from Japan

Japan IS getting more irrelevant each year. Though that doesn't mean that it is irrelevant at the moment,