Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Bofferbrauer2 said:

Katawa Shoujo (and it's a free VN on top of being great)
If you want a laugh, you can try My Girlfriend is the President
Planetarian: Reverie of a little planet is a pretty sad story, won't spoiler it more than that
World End Economica, divided into several episodes
Brilliant Shadows and it's successor, Pale Spectrums are two I kickstarted and found them very interesting and love the art style
A bit more special is the Invisible Apartment series, but I liked them (and kickstarted it too)

Btw, how did you like the Letter? I kickstarted that one too like some others on my list, but didn't have time to play much lately, still with the first character

The game itself is pretty great, above my expectations in fact. There are several routes and decisions, so there's a huge replay factor if you want to see all endings. Each character has it's memorable moments, the QTEs are fun too.

One thing I loved about this game is that you can change so much things with your decisions that the next chapter will be very different between one gameplay and another.

I'm satisfied with the ending I got, so I'm not going  to replay it right now. But I will do it in the future to see how much of the plot you can change. Also, the scares are very good too.