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For the first time in four years since launch, Sony has dropped the price of the main ps4 model to &199. Also for the first time since it’s first year...... the console is now completely sold out in every major retailer across the country. 


This can can mean a couple things: 


1. Sony underestimated demand based on the fact the Nintendo Switch and maybe even the Xbox one x were likely to be the most sought after items this November, and therefore they didn’t ship enough $199 consoles. 

2. The machine likely became a Wild card the moment it touched $199. Based on anecdotal evidence..... Best Buy and GameStop stores received hundreds of 199 consoles, and the system sold out nearly immediately after the doors opened up. With lines of people still asking about the console. 


Either way, Sony sold out of stock, the question is if they are able to shop more units to stores before cyber Monday.... otherwise they are going to be competing with a 189 Xbox and currently in stock Nintendo Switch. Maybe this is why they dropped the pro to 349, since that console is abundantly available and they don’t want to lose any ground to the completion.