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CGI-Quality said:

While I'm not trying to sway your vote, the constant attack on the sig and saying things like, "you don't like a console peasant exposing PC flaws", are just a few of the reasons why this continues to head South. So let's try to stay away from stuff like that.

Fair enough.

As you say it's "one of the reasons" the aggressive sig is a reason too, the person pretending to be neutral with such a sig is another and perhaps the main reason is my first post on this thread, totally ON-topic and that person not liking that and as a consequence debating with me about it which I am totally fine to do cause I don't mind listening to the other side of the argument. Which to make a long story short is why I am like: Oh you don't like me being on-topic about why I prefer consoles over PC? Ok but fair is fair so let's talk about your sig...

But yeah, I agree, things are going a bit south so I'm done arguing with that person. He knows what I think and I know what he thinks so that's probably the end of the argument